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Search for Burial Details in Kingston Cemetery

Cross2 5c4016d4406ca101ec0f39fcc4b0c7c62e2a5b7ad123ee1d113883a16cd05f0e This database of people buried in Kingston Cemetery has been compiled over several years by one of 'The Friends', Mrs M Prior. This task is still on-going and the database will be updated regularly when new burial details come to light

You can search for burials either by the surname of the deceased or by a date period

To search for someone by surname or part of their surname, click in the 'Search by surname' box, enter part or all of their surname and then and click 'Find'. Click the name in the list to view details

To search by date, select the date interval from the drop-down list of dates. Click the required date interval and then the 'Find' button

Choose from the list of names and click the name to view details

PLEASE NOTE: The burial key plan that will be shown when you click a name is South-North oriented (South at the top). Sorry about that but that's how they were originally produced. The map below shows a marker to the entrance of Kingston cemetery in Kingston road. This map IS oriented N-S as normal

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