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Burial Database

This aspect of our Cemetery project attracted a large part of the Local Heritage Initiative funding, in order to establish a website capable of containing a database of all the burials in the cemetery. This is an important adjunct to the town's local heritage archive (which is held at the East Cowes Heritage Centre and the Island Records Office in Newport).

The information for the database was obtained from the Bereavement Services office attached to the IW Crematorium, where the official handwritten ledgers for the Island are stored. Each entry was transcribed by hand by Margaret Prior, to be digitised by her for the database, at a later date. The records for the old cemetery are now largely up to date and over the last two years the records for burials in the cemetery extension [on the oposite side of Kingston Road] have been transcribed and digitised. These now appear on our new website. The new website will also contain further information about individuals, gleaned largely from the Records Office by Janet Griffin. Janet is now supplying photos of the memorials which are being included in the individual records. THERE ARE 4,947 RECORDS of burials dating from January 1877 to March 2015.

NOTE: There may be the rare error in transcription and sometimes the handwriting in the ledgers is so archaic as to be unrecognisable and an attempt has had to be made to guess at a name. In addition some details may have been registered incorrectly, especially in the earlier entries, maybe due to a less literate population. If you are confident of any error, please contact us in order that it can be corrected.

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